LK Dehydrator

LK Dehydrator


  • MUST-HAVE NAIL PREP, PERFECT FOR MANI PEDI: Start with clean, oil-free nails for every nail treatment to pile on them a good anchor system! LK Dehydrator works by removing traces of moisture and oils on your natural nails allowing your base coats, primers, gel polish, or acrylics to adhere to your nails better. Used prior to lacquer or any artificial nail application, this nail prep helps to give you beautiful mani-pedis that’ll last for weeks! You wouldn’t wanna miss this step!
  • NO MORE NAIL LIFTING, NAIL POLISH CHIPPING: LK Dehydrator works by creating a clean and balanced surface for all types of nail applications. Suitable for nails that are prone to premature lifting, this nail dehydrator prepares the natural nail plate so that the peeling of any type of nail coating or enhancement can be prevented ensuring a much longer wear.
  • OIL-REMOVER FOR BETTER NAIL POLISH ADHESION: Ever wonder why you can never make your amazing manicures last? It’s oily nail beds! LK Dehydrator is the perfect solution in providing proper pH balance for your nails by drying out excess oils so your nail polish can last longer! It’s fragrance-free, contains no dyes or burning sensations, and does a great job at ridding nails of moisture. So if you’re a member of the oil-prone nails club, this nail pH balancing agent will be a game-changer for you!
  • SUITABLE FOR AT-HOME AND PROFESSIONAL USE: Perfect for those who want durable and long-lasting acrylics, gel, or regular polishes, LK Dehydrator allows you to achieve long-lasting manicures whether you’re at the nail parlor or in comforts of your own home! Easy to apply and no need to be cured, simply apply one to two coats of this nail ph balancing agent to clean, dust-free natural nails, then proceed with the bonding steps appropriate to the product type you are applying. Absolute zero hassle!


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