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Nail Art Master-Class (200$ deposit – 500$ total)

Nail Art Master-Class (200$ deposit – 500$ total)


Nail art master-class

Nail art master-class is perfect for both beginners and experienced technicians who want to learn how to create beautiful and unique designs using different techniques.

What is included:
1. “Milky gradient” designs.
You will learn how to create soft nude transition in combination with glitter and colors.

2. “Marble effect” designs.
You will be able to do a quick nail art using different tools (gel polishes, painting gels, glitter) in any color.

3. Chrome powder designs.
You will learn how to create trendy and viral design using gold and silver elements. We will also share some useful tips how to combine the colors and make the elements more durable.

4. Acrylic powder and painting gel designs.
You will learn when it is better to use painting gels and learn some beautiful 3D patterns with acrylic powder.

5. Airbrush gradient / Ombré
We will provide a detailed master-class on how to work with an airbrush using gel polishes. You will learn how to create easy and quick gradients with any gel colors (which are never chipping in comparison with airbrush acrylic polishes).

6. Watercolor painting tips.
You will learn how to draw simple and airy watercolor elements and see some to useful tips which are easy to do even if you just started doing nails.

After class – 20% discount for all products by Lisa Kon.


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